News: Apple Aggressively Targets Android Switchers as Growth Disappoints Analysts

Apple Aggressively Targets Android Switchers as Growth Disappoints Analysts

Tim Cook claimed 85% of new iPhone buyers are switchers from Android back in 2015. Now, after financial analysts noted a drop in the company's stock prices, Apple has unleashed a series of ad campaigns directly targeting the users it needs to win over. That's you, Android lovers.

Now, Apple's latest iPhone sales growth is a disappointment, making it the second time financial analysts have noted disappointment with the company. It's also, again, the second time Apple has gone after Android switchers.

Wall Street analysts call this the "comps'' problem. You know, like the problem where you start off the race running too fast and then are too tired to make it to the end? Well, Business Insider suggests Apple is in a similar situation — "the better Apple performs now, the harder it becomes in the future to show more growth."

So, it's no surprise that Apple wants to convince more Android users to switch over. The company posted a series titled "Why Switch?" on YouTube of eight, 15-second videos highlighting how easy it would be for you to move to an iPhone without losing your contacts, photos, or music.

The videos also suggest that Android users will experience increased speed and more security on an iPhone than on any other phone.

The ads are simple and get the point across — switching to an iPhone has never been easier. It's also a smart move on Apple's part to get Android-savvy people to even think a little about switching things up by targeting them via YouTube.

Apple chose not to advertise these videos on TV, but rather on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. An online area of predominately younger viewers, and people who spend time watching videos on their phones rather than their TVs.

The ads are effective, easy to watch, super quick, and get the point across with barely any words. Only time will tell though if the ads will help Apple in their quest for new users.

Are you an Android user and thinking about switching over to an iPhone? Let us know in the comments below!

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