News: Android App Saves Driver from Speeding Ticket

Android App Saves Driver from Speeding Ticket

Owning a smartphone can be costly. But, then again, not owning a smartphone can be costly too! Take, for example, the tale of Sahas Katta, a driver ticketed by police for exceeding the posted speed limit by 15 miles per hour.

Android App Saves Driver from Speeding Ticket

Katta, for his part, was confident that he had been driving under the limit. And, thanks to an app he was running on his Motorola Droid, he had a way to prove it—or, at the very least, a way to raise doubt about the accuracy of the charge.

Android App Saves Driver from Speeding Ticket

The app in question, Google My Tracks, keep tabs on things like miles traveled and maximum speed attained while in transit. According to the records stored on his phone, not only had Katta not exceeded the speed limit, his maximum speed was, in fact, one MPH beneath it. Coupled with the citing officer's admission that he couldn't recall the last time he calibrated his radar gun, the court dropped the ticket. 

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I can't see how this is accurate for recording speeds.

Velocity = distance/time


I concur Velocity = distance/time...It's all in crunching the numbers.

so far i couldn't find apps in droid market that i have on my iphone... annoying, so wouldn't recommend droids to sphisticated users...

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