How To: WiFi tether your rooted Motorola Droid cell phone

WiFi tether your rooted Motorola Droid cell phone

In this clip, learn how to tether your rooted Droid to a WiFi network and use it as a modem for your other Wireless devices. This process is pretty easy and only requires a network and that your phone be rooted.

Step 1:
Just download the Wireless Tethering APK to your computer and transfer it to your SD card, preferably the root.
Step 2:
After you are done doing that use the app EoEinstaller to install the APK file to your phone just as you would a market app.
Step 3:
Once your done open up Wireless Tethering, and make sure you click to allow root access, dont forget to check the REMEMBER box. Thats it, very simple!

For the helix2 launcher its the same way if you wanna try that out the files will be located at the bottom of this description.

*Wireless tether apk
*Helix2Launcher apk

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