Waze 101: How to Get Motorcycle-Friendly Navigation Routes

How to Get Motorcycle-Friendly Navigation Routes

With the raw, visceral feeling of zooming around on the open road, it's easy to get carried away when you're out for a ride on your chopper or super bike. This increases your chances of getting lost, plus routes can differ slightly for motorcyclists and cagers, unbeknownst to most drivers. Luckily, Waze has rolled out a feature that caters specifically to bikers.

Enabling motorcycle navigation on Waze is basically the same for both Android and iPhone, with slight differences. This feature can also be accessed the same way, regardless of whether you've started navigation or not. That said, here's a brief but detailed outline on how to optimize Waze for motorcycle riding.

Method 1: Set Vehicle Type from Within Waze's Settings

This guide will cover two methods. The first one is best for people who strictly ride motorcycles, while the second one is better if you switch between a bike and a car frequently.

To get started, open Waze and go to your user dashboard by swiping sideways from the left-hand side of your screen, or by tapping on the magnifying glass button in the lower-left corner. With your dashboard now open, tap on the cog-shaped settings button to get into the app's settings, then select "Navigation" once inside.

Next, just head to the "Navigation" page, then select "Vehicle Type" and tap on "Motorcycle" to enable two-wheel mode. From now on, Waze will always look for the most motorcycle-friendly routes whenever you ask for directions.

Method 2: Quickly Set Vehicle Type from the Main Page

If you find yourself switching between two and four wheels often, you can quickly set the vehicle type at any time, regardless of whether you've started navigation or not. With Waze open on your iPhone or Android, tap on your current location pin on the map to reveal an info card. Tap on that card again to expand it, then tap on the vehicle tab in the upper-left corner of the card.

From the "Settings" tab that comes up from the bottom of the screen, select "Vehicle Type," then tap on "Motorcycle" to set it as your intended vehicle. Once you're done, tap on "Save" in the lower-right corner if you're using Android, or select either "Always" or "This Time Only" from the prompt that pops up if you have an iPhone. Your vehicle type is now set to motorcycle.

Now that you're vehicle type's been set to a motorcycle on Waze, you're good to go. Whether you've already started navigation or not, the app will automatically place you on a route optimized for motorcycle riding after you've set your destination.

A typical motorcycle route is actually a little faster than a standard car's.
Cover image and screenshots by Amboy Manalo/Gadget Hacks

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