How To: Use the calculator feature on your Blackberry

Use the calculator feature on your Blackberry

The video shows a quick tip on how to get the best value out of one's BlackBerry Calculator. First, it instructs one on how to access the calculator application from the home screen:

1)From the HOME Screen, press <Menu Key>

2)Scroll Down and press the Application Folder

3)Scroll Across to Select Calculator Icon.

After it shows how to launch the Calculator Application it gives an example on how to use the conversion feature. Specifically it demonstrates on how to convert 50kg into pounds:

1)Enter the number 50

2)Press Menu Key

3)Select "To Metric"

4)Scroll down and select "lb-->kg"

5)Answer will be displayed.

Finally it describes how to convert the answer back to kg.

1)Press menu

2)Select "From Metric"

3)Scroll down and choose "kg-->lb"

4)Answer will be displayed

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