How To: Use Telegram's Polls to Settle Arguments in Group Chats

Use Telegram's Polls to Settle Arguments in Group Chats

With group chats, arguments tend to devolve from a dispute between two people to a giant debate amongst all members. But before things get out of control, Telegram has a feature that can help.

You can now create polls in group chats. Any member can make one and users can vote anonymously or you can choose to make votes visible. The results are tallied and a percentage is shown to establish a clear winner, helping you settle arguments in a civil matter and stopping the barrage of unnecessary new messages alerts.

Creating a Poll in Telegram

To create a poll, you need to be in a group chat or channel — it doesn't work in standard one-to-one messaging. So while in a group chat, tap the paper clip icon and choose "Poll" (or the icon with three bars on Telegram X).

On the first text box, input a question. Under Poll Options, input the different choices you want the group members to vote on.

Below Poll options, there are a few ways to configure the poll. "Anonymous voting" prevents group members from knowing who voted on what, and "Multiple Choice" lets users vote for more than one option. "Quiz mode" lets you assign a correct answer to the survey, acting more as a test than a poll.

When you're satisfied with your choices, tap "Create," then the poll will appear as a message from you to the other users. Everyone can tap their choice, and once they have, they'll see the results.

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Cover image and screenshots by Jon Knight/Gadget Hacks

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