How To: Use Slingshot, Facebook's New Snapchat Competitor

Use Slingshot, Facebook's New Snapchat Competitor

It looks like Snapchat, it feels like Snapchat, but after using it for a few minutes, you realize there is a huge difference between Facebook's new Slingshot app and the Snapchat we've all grown so accustomed to.

Unlike Snapchat, Slingshot facilitates reciprocation among users. Personally, all the Snapchats I receive are unrequited, and I never send a picture back or even bother to respond. Slingshot is different in that the app will only let you view an image if you send one in return, therefore, all the sexy pictures you want will require you sending one back. Seems fair enough.

Slingshot will encourage and incentivize users to share and become active in the conversation — unless you don't want to view the image. Try it out for yourself on your Android or iOS device.

Start Slingin' It

Take a picture and select a contact. If your recipient wants to view the image, they will send one back to you. You're basically trading images, but you can also respond with a Reaction image, which is a pretty cool concept. You can enjoy the basic editing features to add some flair and make your images fun.

There was no time limit placed on how long either person could view an image, but once you're done looking at it, you can never view it again. I also found that no warning was given when a screenshot was taken, so maybe a beefing up of privacy will be in order.

Also different from Snapchat is the ability to select all contacts at once. You can easily share an image with everyone with one simple tap.

I would never give a Snapchat clone a chance to succeed, but considering that this is Facebook we're talking about, Slingshot may have enough support to make it through.

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