How To: Use the Samsung Galaxy I7500

Use the Samsung Galaxy I7500

Follow this video to learn some basics on how to use a Samsung Galaxy I7500 mobile phone. Switch on the phone by pressing the power key in the bottom right corner. To navigate around the screen press with your finger on the touch screen and swipe to the left or right. If you want to open a particular application simply press the icon relating to it. Press the menu key to open the home screen with its various options. Press the dial key to open a screen where you can dial in the numbers for a call. The Back key on the right hand side of the mobile will take you back to the previous screen, and the Home key just beneath it will take you to the Home screen. On the touch screen in the bottom there is a key which can list the remaining applications. On the top of the phone there is the headphone jack and the micro USB port which flips open. On one side of the phone there is the volume control, and on the other side there is the camera key and the hold key which is used for locking and unlocking the mobile. On the back of the phone there is the camera lens and flash.

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