How To: Use the Samsung F480 Tocco mobile phone

Use the Samsung F480 Tocco mobile phone

The Samsung Tocco, also known as F480 is the first in a series of capacitive touchscreen phones hitting the market this year. The Tocco features a new and unique TOUCHWIZ UI replacing the Croix UI. The 5-megapixel camera featuring auto focus and a CMOS video lens; are normally only found in high-end or prosumer DSLR cameras. So it's an amazing feature to have on a phone, especially when the Tocco only measures 11.6 mm thick by 98.4 mm tall and 55 mm wide. In addition to CMOS, the F480 also feature automatic face detection technology and a sophisticated image stabilizer - again, these features aren't commonly found in a phone.

Check out this video tutorial for a detailed description on how to use the Samsung F480 Tocco mobile phone. Learn about the touchscreen and the hold button, among other things.

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