How To: Use Multiple Instagram Accounts on the Same Phone

Use Multiple Instagram Accounts on the Same Phone

In its latest update for both Android and iOS, Instagram is finally rolling out a long-awaited feature that enables users to switch between accounts in the native app.

Previously, you'd have to use a third-party app to sign into your second account, use a completely different device, or keep logging in and out of the main Instagram app—a seriously tedious process. Now it can all be done with just a few taps.

Step 1: Install Latest Version of Instagram

Regardless of whether you need to install the app or simply update, head to your respective app store to get version 7.15 (or higher) of Instagram.

Step 2: Add Additonal Accounts

Now open Instagram, go to your account page, and head to Account Options (accessible via the three-dot button on Android, or the cog on iOS). Now scroll down and select "Add Account," then add that account's credentials and hit the "Log In" button.

(If you don't see "Add Account" just yet, and have 7.15 or higher, then you'll just have to wait a day or two until the feature gets rolled out to you.)

Step 3: Switch Between Accounts

With more accounts added, switch between them is a snitch. Just head to your account page, then tap your username on the top-left and select the account you want to switch to.

The account that you're currently signed into is signified by the new profile image on the bottom bar (which was previously just a generic person icon).

I think this new update definitely makes Instagram better for those that manage multiple accounts. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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