How To: Use mIQ to backup all the data on your cell phone

Use mIQ to backup all the data on your cell phone

mIQ? What is it exactly? It's a handy web service that helps you manage your mobile life, with free and easy online access to all of the content and information stored on your mobile device. How does it work? Best Buy has answers. The Best Buy Mobile team explains how simple it is to use mIQ to backup all the data on your cell phone, including messages, photos and contacts.

Mark: "Hi, I'm Mark from Best Buy Mobile in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I'm gonna talk to you today about a service called mIQ. mIQ is a great service. What it does is back up all your content from your phone. Things like text message, your photos, your videos, all of your contacts. It also makes it really easy to access, manage, and share content to your friends and family from the convenience of your computer. Now you sign on to your service and you'll see all this information here, like photos and videos. Now the photos and videos you see on this screen are actually taken from my phone. They automatically appear on the web. Now I can do things like share those to Facebook or Twitter or send an email. We'll show you an example of that in a moment. You also see contacts. Now the nice things about the contacts is now I can really easily edit those contacts with the convenience of the large keyboard- add pictures, things like that. You also see that we have access to your calendar. Now the calendar is really nice because now you can sync that to your phone without having to type it in again on that small keyboard on the device itself. Let's set up an event. Wanna have lunch, so we type in lunch, we choose the date, we choose the time, and you save it. And as soon as I hit save, it's automatically on my phone. It's really really simple."

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