How To: Use the Cardio Trainer app on an Android cell phone

Use the Cardio Trainer app on an Android cell phone

Staying in tune with the digital age doesn't mean you have to sacrifice personal health. In fact, new technology only makes it easier to workout and keep track of your progress. On any Android mobile phone, there's an application called Cardio Trainer that could help you out significantly. But how? Best Buy has answers. The Best Buy Mobile team explains how simple it is to use the Cardio Trainer app your Android enabled cell phone.

Mark: "Hi, I'm Mark from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I'm gonna show you an app today called Cardio Trainer. The cardio trainer is a great little app to track your workout. Doesn't matter if you're biking your skiing, jogging. It's a great app to help with all those things. You choose your workout by going to cardio trainer on your Android phone. And you can choose biking, skiing like I said. We'll choose biking. To record you workout, touch here. Now you'll see the green button, it says start. Simply touch that. Lock the phone, put it in your backpack, and away you go. When you're done with your bike ride, you take the phone out and you can stop the workout. Now what you do here is you can actually track it, see where you went on the map. You can actually see some statistics like the distance you traveled, the calories you burn, the speed you went. You can actually go back on your phone and see you past workouts or you can actually go online and track your workout there too. It's a great app to track all of your workouts. I use it all the time. You should give it a shot."

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