How To: Unlock a Samsung phone

Unlock a Samsung phone

Watch this video to learn how to unlock your Samsung phone. Power up the phone. It shows the boot logo. Take the battery out and insert T-Mobile SIM card. Turn phone on. Shows welcome. Confirm T-Mobile by dialing 611. To unlock phone: Take out the battery and SIM card. Put in an AT&T SIM card. Put the battery back into the phone. Turn on the phone. It says," wrong card". Dial *2767*3855#. The phone will reboot after 15 seconds. Screen says, "Welcome to T-Mobile". To keep service dial *7465625*638* (8) zeros* (8) zeros#. Message says, "Network lock personalizes". Click cancel #7465625*638* (8) zeros#. Network lock deactivated. Check if everything was done correctly. *#7465625# Network lock inactive, subset lock inactive, SIM lock inactive. Reboot phone. Phone boots up.

Viewer learns how to unlock a Samsung phone.

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i need to unlock samsung tracfone without losing stored personal info! pls help

Hey I'm needing to unlock Samsung galaxy ace 4neo phone need help asap plese information

Does NOT unlocked Samsung galaxy lite T399

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