How To: Unlock iPhone 3g with Ultrasn0w on 3.0 firmware

Unlock iPhone 3g with Ultrasn0w on 3.0 firmware

This video tutorial from bbsiPodtouchhelp shows how to unlock an iPhone using Ultrasn0w. First the iPhone must be jailbroken so jailbreak your iPhone by following the instructions of the video from the link posted in the description. Next add the source given in the video to Cydia to get Ultrasn0w. After installing Ultrasn0w, T-Mobile users need to disable 3G. Thereafter remove the SIM card and reinsert it. Switch the phone off and reboot it. That's it - enjoy your unlocked jailbroken iPhone.

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Good sharing about iphone jailbreaking and unlocking .I am using Iphone 4 now.I jailbreaked my iphone using the site But i have unlocked my iphone using the remote unlocking service.I got remote unlock service from and unlocked it easily.In this method jailbreaking is not necessary.So i unlocked my iphone and then jailbreaked it.

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