How To: Turn Your Phone into a Wallet for Cards & Keys Using Sugru

Turn Your Phone into a Wallet for Cards & Keys Using Sugru

When you're on the go a lot, the amount of stuff you have to drag around can get pretty ridiculous. And sometimes, the items that are supposed to help you carry your stuff just make it worse.

I have a wallet, but I hate it. Cards get stuck in it, the change pocket only holds about five coins, and it's the exact same length as a dollar bill, if not a little shorter, which makes it pretty much useless for holding cash.

It goes without saying that I could find a better one, but the ones I like tend to cost more than I'd prefer to spend. I have expensive taste. So sue me. But I have to use something to at least hold a few basics. That's where Sugru comes to the rescue.

How to Turn Your Phone into a Card & Key Wallet

BYstudio created a tutorial for turning your smartphone into a makeshift wallet that will hold a key and a few cards. It's cheap, quick, and ridiculously simple, and all it takes is a pack of Sugru.

Basically, you just use the Sugru to make long, thin strips that attach to the back of your phone case for your cards to slide into. The length of the strips will depend on what type of phone you have. Once you have them in place, slide a card through to create grooves before the Sugru sets, then bend in the sides to keep it in place.

Now, do the same thing with your key, bending the strips to the right shape to hold it. You'll probably want to take the case off to let it cure overnight before using it.

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Check out the full tutorial to see the process step by step. And if you have any leftover Sugru, we have plenty of other projects that can help you use it up!

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