How To: Transfer music from an Android phone to Mac or PC

Transfer music from an Android phone to Mac or PC

Staying organized with your digital music library can be frustrating, especially when you're downloading songs on different devices. Transferring music files to one central location doesn't have to be hard though, even when you download music on your Android mobile phone. So how do you get that music off the phone? Best Buy has answers. The Best Buy Mobile team explains how simple it is to transfer music files from your Android enabled cell phone to a Mac or PC computer.

Rusty: "Hi, I'm Rusty, I'm the Sales Lead at Best Buy Mobile in Chelsea, New York and I'm gonna tell you how to move your music files purchase on your Android phone to any Mac or PC computer. It's very simple, once you open up Amazon mp3, the onboard music playing system, you're able to browse by album by artist, genre or just do a general search. The Amazon mp3 store is compatible with every major music library system on the market today. Whether it's Windows Media Player, iTunes, Rhapsody, you'll be able to download a song or album directly to your phone and plug it in to your computer via a USB connection. Once the file is downloaded, you'll plug in the USB cable into your device and it'll pop up with a removable drive. You'll also be asking your phone to mount the SD card. Simply tab on that notice to confirm the mounting. Click on the right folder, drop onto your desktop and viola, the song or album is right on your computer ready to be imported into your music library."

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