How To: How to get NES on your iPhone/iPod Touch

How to get NES on your iPhone/iPod Touch

This actually works and you don't need wifi or you don't have to put a source in your iPhone/iPod Touch that doesn't work. You get 960 NES ROMs. As long as you follow directions you it should work perfectly. I will also have a tutorial up soon on how to use the program i mentioned in the video called Limewire on how to download various things. And i should will have a tutorial on how to get SNES working on iPhone/iTouch very soon. Warning: Limewire can give you a virus, so be careful when downloading anything off of Limewire. Downloads:

Total Commander-


960 NES ROMs-

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Thanks for tutorial for the nes games for the ipod touch.. You're instructions were great.... thanks again

thanks. only helpful tutorial.

wait i did everything bu when i unplugged my ipod i didn't have an nes icon

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