How To: Take apart and replace the LCD screen on the HTC 8525

Take apart and replace the LCD screen on the HTC 8525

This how to video shows you how to take apart an HTC 8525 and replace the LCD screen. First, remove the SIM card and the battery. Next, remove the screws in the back. Using a pry tool, slide it along the edge of the phone at the bottom to release the clips. Once they are released, remove the back piece. To remove the motherboard, release the ribbon connector with the pry tool. Carefully lift the motherboard from the case. Remember that it is still connected to a ribbon that must be released. Use the tool to release this ribbon. Move the motherboard once that is done. Unscrew the four small screws. Remove the next layer from the phone. Remove the four screws on this new layer. Now use the pry tool and run it along the side to get to the next layer. Next, release the other ribbon connector at the bottom. Use the tool to release the jaw holding the ribbon cable of the LCD screen. Remove the screw at the top of the phone. Once that is done, you can move the backing. Carefully pull out the LCD screen and release the ribbon from the connector. You can now replace the screen.

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