How To: Sync Google Calendar with all of your devices

Sync Google Calendar with all of your devices

Jordan Patterson the Cheap Geek has made a video showing you the steps to sync your contacts and calendars on three mobile devices together, the iPhone, a laptop running Windows, and a Mac running OS X utilizing a few downloaded programs and Google Calendar. First he shows you how to sync calendars on the Apple computer, by downloading a program from Google code called collaboration code, and then running it. After putting in his g-mail account information, he tells the program which calendars he would like to sync. To make sure the program is working correctly he logs into Google calendar, types in and saves an event, and then refreshes iCal. With Windows he explains that there is a free utility offered by Google you can download called Google Calendar Sync. Once you have the program downloaded and installed a window pops up and prompts you to enter your Gmail address and password. It will offer you a couple of choices, 1 way sync with Microsoft Outlook to Google Calendar, 1 way sync with Google Calendar to Microsoft Outlook, or a 2 way sync between both applications. Jordan then sets his sync option to the lowest setting because the default 120 minute interval is too long. For the iPhone he gets back onto Mac OS-10 where there is a link in Google Calendar called Sync with iPhone, which he clicks on and then walks you though the tutorial with pictures Google has set up. Jordan recommends backing up all of your data before trying this tutorial because it has taken him years to amass the contacts and events that he has and he wouldn't want to lose them simply trying to sync his contacts.

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