How To: Stream media from a Droid X phone to a PlayStation 3

Stream media from a Droid X phone to a PlayStation 3

Okay, just because the new Verizon Wireless Droid X comes with an HDMI-out port doesn't mean you're limited to just that. Motorola has made it possible for you to play video, music, and pictures to your television without any wires at all. With the Droid X's DLNA media sharing application, you can easily stream to an PS3 or Xbox, send pics to your PC, and stream videos to your TV. Check out this video walkthrough to learn how to use the DLNA services to connect your Droid X to the PlayStation 3!

Get some more information and instructions about the DLNA App for the Droid X from Motorola. Heres some general information from Motorola:

Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is a cross-industry organization of leading consumer electronics, computing industry and mobile device companies. DLNA technology allows consumers to view their media between PCs, mobile devices, and other Consumer Electronics.

Having a DLNA-compatible phone means that you can do the following:

* Stream music, video and photos from your DROID X to any DLNA device (PlayStation 3, Xbox, or DLNA-capable TV, PC or A/V Receiver)
* Send a picture from your DROID X to PC
* Send a MP3 from the phone to the PC
* Stream a Video from DROID X to the TV using the handset as a controller
* Browse the Videos stored on the PC using DROID X and then stream it over DLNA playing out HDMI to the TV

DLNA can be used as a stand alone or used in combination with HDMI.

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