How To: SSH into an iPod Touch 1G/2G

SSH into an iPod Touch 1G/2G

This video shows the method to SSH into iPod Touch 1G or 2G. You need an iPod touch 1G/2G with Firmware 2.2.1 or previous (Windows), a Windows based computer and a jailbroken iPod Touch which has Wi-Fi connectivity. Open Cydia, go to search and type OpenSSH and install it. Go to settings, Wi-Fi and click on the blue arrow next to the network. Copy down your IP address from the resultant window. Open and go to Downloads, installation package. Install the package and open WinSCP from the icon on the desktop. Put the IP address in the host name, root as the user name and the password which is 'alpine' by default. The file protocol is SFTP. Login and you will be taken to window showing directories. Click on the two dots after the root directory and you will see the files. This completes the task.

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