How To: Spot a Fake Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone

Spot a Fake Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone

If you watched the presidential debate last night, then you might recall Mitt Romney's remark on the fake Apple Store in China "selling counterfeit goods".

That store actually sells real Apple products, only it isn't licensed to sell them, so it was a little misleading. Not to say that there aren't real counterfeit iPhones on the market in China. There are and for the most part, people know how to spot them; they mainly buy them because they are cheaper.

Counterfeit phones aren't just an issue in China—there are plenty of counterfeits here in the states, too. While the iPhone is probably the most counterfeited of all the smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S III has spurned an influx of recent fakes, which are a little less obvious to spot.

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So, to make sure you don't get ripped off, check out the video below from Techno Buffalo, which shows how to spot a fake Galaxy S III.

Don't get duped.

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