How To: Solve Complex Equations Easier on Your Samsung Galaxy S3 with This Free Handwriting Calculator

Solve Complex Equations Easier on Your Samsung Galaxy S3 with This Free Handwriting Calculator

Solving long and extensively complicated equations in grade school was tough to do by hand. Keeping track of which part of the equation to solve first took time, training, and lots of bad grades.

As soon as middle school began, our dependance on calculators grew and difficult equations became a breeze, especially if you had one of these babies:

Whenever I wasn't playing Pokémon on my graphing calculator, I could easily input a very long and complicated equation and have it solved instantly. The calculators were very useful, especially on long exams with dozens of complicated equations.

Now that I've finished school, I no longer find it useful to lug around one of these tablet-sized calculators, thanks to my smartphone. If I ever do need to make calculations I just whip out my phone and plug in the numbers into my built-in calculator. Easy.

So, what if for some reason I need to solve a slightly more complicated equation that would be too difficult for my built-in calculator to solve? For that, there's MyScript Calculator for Android devices.

With MyScript Calculator, you can write in many mathematical equations with your finger and have it solved instantly. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S III or Galaxy Note 2 (which have bigger screens than most phones), the handwriting recognition is perfect, even with long and complicated equations.

The video below shows a hands-on with MyScript Calculator on a Samsung Galaxy S3.

With the swipe of a finger, you can add, subtract, divide, square root and erase. The application currently supports these mathematical symbols: +, -, ×, /, v, Pi, parentheses, and exponentiation.

MyScript Calculator is free for all Android devices in the Google Play Store. You can even download it for your Kindle Fire!

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Photo by Ida Fazz

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