How To: Skip Intros on YouTube in Just a Couple Taps

Skip Intros on YouTube in Just a Couple Taps

Binging on YouTube these days can be just as fulfilling as Netflix or Hulu, but sometimes you just need to skim through a video. Whether you want to skip over a long-winded intro or you want to show your friend the best part in the middle, YouTube has a great gesture for you.

Whenever you want to skip ahead on YouTube, just double-tap the right third of the display. YouTube will instantly jump ahead 10 seconds, and will give you on-screen feedback in the form of both fast-forward arrows and the time it jumped ahead. If you double-tap again, you'll jump forward another 10 seconds, and, if done fast enough, YouTube will add that time into the feedback (i.e. "20 seconds," "30 seconds," etc.).

Image by Gadget Hacks/YouTube

If you want to rewind, just do the same on the left-third of the window. You'll find an identical feedback experience, just this time with rewind arrows instead of fast-forward ones. Even if you reach the beginning of the video, YouTube will still say you rewound 10 seconds.

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Cover image and GIF by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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