How To: Share a Netflix Video You're About to Watch to Your Instagram Story So Friends Can Watch with You

Share a Netflix Video You're About to Watch to Your Instagram Story So Friends Can Watch with You

For me, there's nothing better than popping on a favorite show or new movie after a long day at the office — except when there's a friend or two I can talk to about that crazy ending. Netflix doesn't double as a social media app, so you can't chat about what you're watching there. What you can do is share your latest obsession to your Instagram story, to get the discussion going with all your followers.

Netflix does a good job in this space. In fact, you can share any film or show to more than just your Instagram story — you can send anything on Netflix to other social channels such as your Snapchat story or WhatsApp. After sharing, others can enjoy and chat about the same Netflix content you're viewing.

To start, in the iOS app, open up the main page for the show or movie you want to share but stop right there — we know you want to hit "Play" and watch a little, or all, of your selection before sharing it — but the only place you can share this content is from this main page itself. Now, tap the "Share" icon below that "Play" button, then tap "Instagram Stories" from the list. (Netflix is working on an Android version of this but it's not out yet.)

If this is your first time sharing to Instagram, you might need to accept a pop-up from Netflix giving the app permission to open Instagram on your behalf. Once in Instagram, you'll find that Netflix has booted up story mode, with either a preview image of your shared selection in the middle of the display or a full-screen image taking up the entire story, depending on the title you chose.

If you get the preview image, feel free to resize it, and move it anywhere you'd like. In addition, you'll find all the traditional story tools you'd expect from Instagram, like text, stickers, GIFs, drawing, and more.

Once you share your story, followers will be able to not only enjoy your entertaining Instagram content but also directly launch your shared show or movie in their own Netflix app. All they have to do is tap "View on Netflix," and their Instagram app will shoot them over to their Netflix app, directly to that show or movie's main page — whether or not they use an iPhone or Android device. If they don't have Instagram, this link will open the main page for the title as a webpage.

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Cover image and screenshots by Jake Peterson/Gadget Hacks

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