How To: Share Any Photo on Instagram Without Cropping It (Using #NoCrop)

Share Any Photo on Instagram Without Cropping It (Using #NoCrop)

Even though I am not cool enough to use Instagram on a daily basis, I still try to stay in the loop. I did take photography in high school, so I know a thing or two about picture taking. I just can't seem to find the motivation to take a picture of random crap during my daily routine, but I guess that's why I'm Instalame.

One thing I've found annoying is the fact that everything is so square. I can take some pretty good full frame photos, but my skills can't be squared down. So when it comes Instagram, cropping can be both a gift (probably for you) and a curse (for me).

I have used the crop feature to cut out would be photo bombers and unnecessary background images, but sometimes you just want the entire image displayed. Popular services like Instagram and Twitter automatically prompt for images to be cropped—even if you would rather not. If you take a landscape image or want to upload a panorama from your iPhone 5, you are going to have to cut something off, and that's no good.

So that's where #NoCrop comes in.

#NoCrop is a new iOS app that circumvents the cropping feature of Instagram and allows for full-sized, full-framed images to be uploaded. Just open up #NoCrop and import an image from your Camera Roll. #NoCrop will automatically resize your image and add a white border, making it fit the square specifications for uploading.

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You can also take a picture from through the app by clicking on the #Samples button in the main menu. Once you are satisfied with your picture, you can share it Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Be aware that the app adds an automatic caption (Made with #Nocrop) if you do not put one in yourself.

#NoCrop is free, but it is ad-supported and the ads are very annoying. They pop up on certain screen and the possibility of an accidental click is very likely. But, it sure beats ruining some full-sized picture-perfect moments with square constraints.

For Android users you can check out Square Camera, which essentially does the same thing. And iOS users that are looking for variation, there is also Square Ready.

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