How To: Shake to undo typing errors on your Apple iPhone

Shake to undo typing errors on your Apple iPhone

Shaking your cell phone is no longer a bad thing with the iPhone. Now, shaking is an actual feature, rather than a risky move. It really comes in handy when you're typing and you misspell a word. So how does shaking your iPhone work? Best Buy has answers. The Best Buy Mobile team explains how simple it is to shake to undo typing errors on your Apple iPhone.

Mike: "Hi, this is Mike from Best Buy Mobile in Bangor, Maine and today we're gonna learn how to undo typing errors by shaking your iPhone. So, we have a text message going to Steve. I want to send the word 'horse' to him, challenging him to a basketball game and I accidentally hit the 'R' twice. I want to undo that. All I have to do is shake the phone, undo typing pops up, I select that. It clears the field I can start over fresh. You can really have fun with it. If you're misspelling the word 'horse', you can shake it this way, toss it out, reel it in. You're pouring salt or pepper onto your delicious steak. Use it as shampoo and just you know comb your hair with it. If you're really mad you can scream at it and shake it. The point is though that all you have to do is shake your phone just a little bit, this menu will pop up, you ask it to undo typing and you can start fresh, and thats how you correct a typing error with your iPhone."

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