How To: Set up your internet on Sciphone I68

Set up your internet on Sciphone I68

Do you have a Sciphone? With its internet capabilities, you can check your email or surf the web. Take a look at this instructional video and learn how to set up your internet on the Sciphone 168. In order to set it up you need to contact your service provider for information such as an IP address, etc.

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i need to know were is my IP ADREES ?? I DONT KNOW.. show me

ive done everything on the video jst coming up connection failed

hi there guys i got an i68 4g phone from the internet when i got it everything was fine until i tried to get on the internet i had a mms app on the phone but when i touched it it came up blank so i reset to factory settings found the codes on here and everything went back to normal ie the icon was there for mms and i touched it and hey presto it worked brill i said now to get the internet working i tried following the videos but no luck as i live in britain and ny carrier is tmobile so still no internet i phoned tmobile and all they could do was sennd the codes thro text so i then went to my local tmobile shop and asked very nicely if the young man could help me put the codes in he worked on it for about ten minuets and hey presto it worked so if you need advice about the carrier codes go to your local shop and as nicley just likeme my phone is brill now envy off all the apple owners who paid all that money i paid 50 pounds and im happy as larry good luck with the phone it is worth it be patiant

i need to know were is my IP ADREES ?? I DONT KNOW.. show me

can u show me how to put it on vibrate?

go to settings user profiles select options, then select customize, then select alert type, then put a check mark in the one you want to use , ring vib ring & vib vib and ring

is it this phone:

how do i make it display the time???

Go to...
Phone set up /
Display characteristics

I have tried to get time on display but it will not let me, just keeps sending me to the same screen over and over again!!!

^---- im using the i68+

how do you use boost mobile with the phone?

i need free games where do i go

can you add applications to the SciPhone

I have bought a new i68 Sciphone but theres no catalogue provided along with the phone and also how do I set the speed dial function

I can't figure anything out on this phone! Howe do I set up voice dial?

Go to sms text icon hit voicemail server you will see sim1 voice mail server hit ok you should know see 1 voice mail and the # if not call your provider for # & edit

I just got this phone and i can figure anything out. How can i set up voicemail and forward mail back

you usually have to dial "1" and then "call". That's how I do it with my i68 and my service provider is Tmobile.,-Batteries,-Skins,-Data-Sims-and-Others-Are-Available&id=1901753

trying to figure out ho to get it going and use it

in the same boat as chixx. Can't even find where to change ringtone!

hi, i dont know how to cancel call barring on my sciphone. it requires password which i didnt set up when i got the phone. pls help me pls.ta

the default code is 1122



my sciphone call barring is activated but i dont have any password, can somebody help me to solve this problem. cheeers

Tthe default code is 1122

Is it the phone

how do i download the java software to my sciphone?,-Batteries,-Skins,-Data-Sims-and-Others-Are-Available&id=1901753

i need to kno how to get apps how do i do that please reply

How do I view PDF files on my sciphone i68?,-Batteries,-Skins,-Data-Sims-and-Others-Are-Available&id=1901753

where can i get one of those sciphone pens from?

also, so all i need to do is call my internet provider and aske for the APN, user name, password and IP# to set up internet and they will give me all that with no problems or suspicions that i got a new phone?

just go to you tube ask how to set up internet on i68 you will find videos neither for t mobile or att they give you a apn number to override the china set husband did it and he set up the phone himself because att people did not know what to do all they tell you you have to purchase a phone from them

itz either not neither my bad

how do i assign ringtones to indiviual contacts? I cant figure it out, ive tried going to the contact and pressing edit, but there is no music note icon there like the user guide thing says to press to add a ringtone. HELP!!!!!!!!!

on the main screen you go to phonebook..scrool down to caller ringtone..and then click the ringtone that you forward to phonebook...then click the contact that you want to set it for

i called T mobile and they were zero help! in the video above to set up internet you say that we should call the provider and get the APN, user name, password and IP#. when I called T-mobile they told me that the APN was internet 2 or 3 (whatever that means) and could not provide me with any other information. they said to leave the other fields blank.

then she asked what i needed that info for and was I trying to set up email on my tmobile phone or something. of course i was not going to tell her i got a sciphone!

now what?

You should have told them that it was for the Sciphone. They actually have an entire dept. ready to help with phones such as these. I talked to a guy yesterday at Tmobile about mine.

hi whatnameisntaken..can you tell me what exactly you said to them to get the info you needed to set up your internet? the one i talked to seemed clueless and i'm not sure even if i had said i had a sciphone she would have been helpful...

maybe if you can guide me on what wording you used, etc. it will help me and i can call them back. the whole reason i got this phone is because if i would have gotten a phone with T mobile they would have made me renew my contract and it's up in February, and I am not sure i want to stay with them.


Well, here's the thing.. I was just having problems with it reading my sim card (little did I know it needed to be in backwards, have the other port closed, etc..) so that's what I was calling about.
But when I talked to the guy he said that he had a lot of information available about the phone, and that they got calls in about them quite regularly.
I read on another site that you need to speak to "tier 3" tech support, but I never had to say anything like that to get to him. I just told the, rather clueless, lady that answered the issue I was having and she connected me. But I told her from the start that it was a Sciphone.

I just got this phone yesterday, and I'm right there with you as far as Internet settings go... so let me know what you learn, if anything lol

Hi, can you help me i have the sciphone i68+ and im on the tesco network and can not get on the net. I have put all the relevent information in all the right areas according to the video but i still cannot access the net, i have an error saying that i am either not subscribed or a write error, Please can you help out?.
thanks tracey

I have t-mobile and the person I spoke with didn't have a clue, so if there's anyone who knows how to set this up for internet use let me know

well i juss got internet on mine yesterday and i have tmobile whoever that guy was lied to you

is the net connection free. thanks

ask 4 the unsupported phones department and they send an instant app and they make EVERYTHING work very politely..dont ask regular customer servise they tried to charge

go to google put in tmobile gprs settings follow instructions it will auto set phone once # is entered

I told T Mobile the truth and they sent me to the "Unsupported Phone" Help Desk. They were very kind and walked me through internet set up in a snap.

ask for the unsupported phones department at tmobile i just activated mine they send you a free app that gets you on oh and when your on, dont use google unless u r fluint in chinese,lol use opera mini

hi am with 02 do yhuoo know if 02 has an unsupported phones department?

i dnt knw how to get internet settings could u help please..x

This phone is rubbish I really wish I hadnt brought it now, Half of the Apps are in chinese although the lanuage settings has been changed to english. Anybody know how to change it? As for the internet connections. I have taken it into a phone shop and they have not found a way to get it on the internet, which is really disapointing, ;[

go to settings, click phone set-up, click preferred input methods click smart ABC or abc which ever you prefer, your text should all be in english,-Batteries,-Skins,-Data-Sims-and-Others-Are-Available&id=1901753

the chinese IS annoying but its only the games and such to get on the internet ..if u have t mobile ask 4 the unsupported phones dept. they will send you a free app to get on instantly.. dont ask reg. customer serv theyre paid 2 be stupid lol

whatnameisnttaken: go here maybe this will help Good Luck!

lol @ whatnameis...okay will do...

I can not get my phone to call out or recieve i have the SCIPHONE i wish they would have never bought this phone. Can not set time and some Apps are in chinese even after i chaned to smart abc.

I'm having an issue editing text fields with opera mini on my sciphone. How do you confirm that you're done editing text without an OK button on the phone? I have to terminate the app everytime I click on a text field because I cannot get back to the page from which I opened the text editor. No one else has this problem??

i THINK if you push the up down button straight in it is enter

i really need to know how to put music on here, and how to get the bluetooth to work?? But mainly i need to know what is wrong ith the memory and how come the memory is so small..I mean if i get 3 ringtones in a txt, all of my memory is gone..and what sux is that i can't even use them because the memory iss so low, also how do i put the phone on vibrate, and the txt?

im on t-mobile i try to ring a number but it comes up with check operator services every time

You have to select a 1 or a 2 when you call. That stands for which ever sim slot you have set up as your primary sim.

I can't call are recieve calls, it saids emergency call only

I had same prob and was ready to send it back. The sim card needs to be put into the top slot, with the gold side down. This solved my prob and I was making calls.

when i added a 2nd sim it was able to make calls the 2nd sim i use i found on the street,lol i just keep it turned off

My sciphone has a big x right beside the icon that looks like a p with a two on the bottom, i called my service provider which is t-mobile and they went through step by step with setting up the internet and i have internet working it just want let me scroll down or up, any help????????? anyone

if the pen wont scroll the buttons on the left side scroll up down and push in is enter..i think

Please i have a problem with my sciphone, when I receive sms from my contacts, it shows only the number; it doesn't show the name of the sender even though it is my phone directory


someone should please help me. My phone does not show the name of the SMS sender even though I have it saved on my phone

in your phone book u have to add the area code if u want it to tell u who is calling

im in same boat, fed up 2nd guessing who,s txting me!!! just get the no. how do i sort this out? also, how can i set my ring tones? help

done all that. no joy!!!

i am purchase sciphone i9+++and i want to download games but this is not working first iam connect pc to usb port thrught internet and than store mass device than iam download games thrught net in memory card in one folder than iam disconnect after going to memory card and see games folder and click it than it is not working and if iam click it games thay want where stable option is coming forward copy deleted and other but it is not rum how can install games

t mobile unsupported phones dept helped me turn every thing on.... i still like my sidekick better

i need IP ADD my sim is air tel his tel me GPRS not provido in sciphone i68+

ii have the same problem as hussong_amanda help!!!

how do you get it to connect to WIFI?

Can anyone tell me how to put Java into the phone? There are several downloads for mobile Java, which one do I use? As for setting up the internet, the phone came with a lot of wierd things listed under GPRS. Nothing says account # anything, they say "China mobil GPRS" and "FET GPRS". Can I just remove these? The downloadable manual leaves a lot to be desired. I need HELP.

im the same i have no clue to how to use java, internet and many more thing on my mobile where can we find out this information

im having aproblem that when i install the sim card some times works, but other times won't its said amergency call only. I thin k the problem is the signal. Can anybody help me.

I occasionally had a similar problem with my sim card in a different phone. When I called ATT they said to take a pencil eraser and LIGHTLY rub it on the gold part of the card. It worked.

i keep getting gprs not subscribed can sumone help with this ..

How do you get the account 8 and stuff to come up? mine only has pre set ones on the gprs menu

None of the security codes are working on my phone i tried the 1122 but its not working. And i cant get the internet onit? T-Mobile dont have a clue what phone im talking about so its not going very well for me right now. Also ive put about 80 songs on it and only 6 of them show up. This is a nightmare. I badly wanna go on facebook with it but i cant. HELP ME please! Cimone

i keep gettin gprs not subscribed even tho i have all d settings from o2reland,any ideas

My sciphone says emergency on the main screen and it wont let me make or receive any calls text or anything. I reset the phone back to factory settings and I cant figure out how to get it off of emergency. If anyone knows please respond or email me @

me too what the hell is up

hey guys the way that i changed the ringtone was to go into phonebook - Caller groups - just pick one (i used friends) then select everyone from you contacts - then change the ringtone for the group. easy peasy lemon squeezy. also if you want you own rington just take your 2gb that it came with, put it in the computer and add some music to the music folder. if it dont have one make one. then go to your phone, select add from file in the ringtone spot, hit ok in top left corner, go to the bottom, click an empty one, click replace then select the music folder and add your song. walla. found this out in a day. just keep playing with it. but lol i would like some help on moving apps and adding them. also whats the shortcut app? very useless so far.

i followed all the instructions for setting up internet. When it tries to connect i just get a white screen. can anyone help?

Does anyone know how to get it to roam?? When I'm at work it doesnt get a signal with this phone... but I do when I have my old phone... it's not the sim... it's the phone. I'm pretty sure it's in some way locked. When I'm in a Tmobile area it's fine, but when I'm in a cingular or att area... it doesnt work =(

my friend bought this sciphone on ebay, now he has problems to turn it on, he has used the default code which is 1122 and still no responce, it reads on the srceen-INPUT PHONE LOCKED CODE. WE dont know what to do, can u help us figure out this problem.

como puedo usar mi telefono como webcam,funciona bien el telefono con auriculares bluetooth?cuales con los mejores auriculares para comprar?gracias si me pueden ajudar se los agradesco.mi nonbre es favio.

i have the sci-phone for at&t can someone help me set up the interntet with all this stuff please!! thank you

Yeh need help as well, no stuck with setting up GPRS

now i followed someone elses instrutions and it comes up as a blank screen help!!

i have a sciphone i68 and my call barring is on and the 1122 or 0000 codes dont work....please help me!!

Can anybody tell me how to turn the phone on to just silent i have the mini clone iphone

I like mine...just wish I could figure out how to add apps....

me too

hi how do i add apps to my sciphone

how do i get GPRS subscribed to the phone

hi all just got a sci phone and its in chinese can anyone tell me how to change it to english thanks

hey how do i delete the ringtones that came with the sci phone?

I have a question about SMS. I got the Sciphone KA08 mini and I am unable to send SMS, I can receive them and I can send and receive MMS. I was wondering if there is a # or setting that needs to be changed like the MMS did. I would appreciate anyone's help.

my sim card come up as invalid what do i have to do or do i need a t-mobile sim?

I would like to get a voice dial app for my i68+ does anyone know of any? Please help...I've been looking for weeks ...

I have a sciphone i68 and am having cant get any mms messages. i called my provider "3" and they can't help because the phone isnt supported by them. all i need is the internet setting - apn, user name password and ip address. can anyone help me?

im on orange my sim card comes up as invalid any ideas ?

i got sciphone i68+ my service provider ( MTN ) cant help me with my internet settings and my mms settings can anyone please help me ?

how could i lock my phone? i mean set password mn my phone

how do u add music i have alot of music on mine but it jst wont play!i cant get it downloaded to the mp3..i really cant figure this thing out!

I just purchased this phone and the bluetooth is picking up other devices, but when someone blue tooths me it comes up with "write file error" any ideas.

iv jst got the sciphone and how do you get to use voice call for when driving? and wifi add on?

I have the sciphone and cant send texts. I can recieve them though?

Hi to all....!!!! I've recently got myself a sciphone. I am from India and I am using AirTel connection. Can anyone tell me how to configure internet settings in this device? How to get the IP address?

How to assign rintones to particular contacts?

Hello!!!! Can I expect any reply to my posts? I did the settings according to the You Tube Video but I got a warning messafe that "invalid gateway IP'!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What should I do?

how can i get music on this phone can anyone help

I see a lot of issues we got with Sciphone i68, I feel that this is because we don't receive enough supports from the makers and suppliers. Therefore, I decide to organise a Sciphone i68 Help Centre. I will try my best to help and hope we will have a better relationship with our Sciphone.

How to Install game my mobile -i9++i ?

How do i check my mms messages (pic message)? I know where to go but when i try to look at the message, i'm not allowed. i click download but sometimes it says its not the right size, or message failed!!! Please HELP

How do i change the clock to a 12 hour?

does anyone have a mini i9-168 fm ka08/m3 phone are the settings the same ???

hi i have a 168+, can anyone tell me how to change the message tone to one of my mp3 tones

how do i add more icons to my i68+

how do i use my sciphone i68+ as PC modem for internet use.

How i do setup the internet on my i68+ i aint got a bloody clue how to do it.

cant make or receive calls says network fail, nor texts?? on t mobile tried both sim slots please help...

hi i cant get on the internet or get picture messages i rang my provider wich is optus and they cant give my the ip address they said set it as automatic but i cant what do i do PLEASE HELP am ready to jump on it

well i have just read all this comments and i have a sciphone and i cant seem to get the tesco intenet settings anyone help please

can someone tell me how to set up the internet on this sciphone i9 called the service providor and that didn't work said they didn;t sell that phone so they dont know lol

how do you send mms?

does anyone know how to make your pc recognise the sciphone so i can download java as its just charging the phone and not letting me do anything else ?? i have no disc xx thanks for your help

unable to down facebook on my i68+sciphone

ok got the internet working but when i try to go into facebook written not enough memory and closes help

hi i have a sciphone i bought it today an the desplay lights not workin!!is there any kind of settin plzz

iv got the same problem as kelly i cant get my laptop to recognise my i68 it only charges the phone when i plug it into the laptop help please

Hi, I have a sciphone i68 quadband. can I add my own sms alerts or do I have to put up with the crappy ones already on the phone.

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