How To: Set up a Nexus One Android phone

Set up a Nexus One Android phone

This instructional video by GoogleNexusOne shows you the features and how to set up a recently unboxed Nexus One Android phone. First the functions of the indicators and buttons are explained, and the different ports and jack are highlighted. After that the back of the phone is opened and the locations of the slots for the SIM card and the microSD card are shown, as well as how to insert the battery. Set up the phone as instructed after reading the documentation, sign in with your gmail account or create a new account just like creating a traditional gmail account. Set up the sync setting for contacts, calendar and gmail as shown. The way to set up a security pattern is also shown, so that you can prevent others from using the phone. Customize the home screen by adding shortcuts and moving icons as shown. The use of the notifications is also explained at the end.

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