How To: Set up the internet on iPhone clones (i68, i9, etc.)

Set up the internet on iPhone clones (i68, i9, etc.)

Learn how to set up Internet on iPhone clones with this video.

*First thing you need to do is to make an AT&T GPRS data account.
*Tap on the service icon on your phone (which maybe network icon) and tap on data account and then tap on GPRS.
* You will be brought to a list of pre-existing GPRS data accounts. Tap on any one of them.
*You are then brought to settings of that particular account.
* tap on the account name and tap edit. WE need to edit the name of the GPRS account. on the name edit screen clear the existing name and write the account name as 'ATT GPRS'.
*when you're done on the GPRS settings screen , tap on APN and then edit. You will again be brought to edit screen.
* clear the screen and write 'wap.cingular'. this should necessarily be in the lower case.
* Make sure that username and password fields are blank.
* The auto type should be kept 'Normal'
*Now tap on done and save the settings. You have now created AT&T GPRS data account.
* Next you need to create an AT&T WAP profile.
* For this go to service icon again , then tap on WAP , then tap on settings and then tap on 'edit profile'.
* You are brought to a list of pre-existing profiles. Select any profile and tap on edit profile. You will be brought to the settings screen.
* edit the profile name. Name it MEDIAA NET.
* then on settings page tap on homepage and edit it as 'http://device.home'
* now select the data account tab. You will see the list of data accounts. Select the data account you just made. i.e. ATT GPRS.
* connection type should be HTTP
* proxy address should be changed to 066209011032
* proxy port should be numbered as 80
* keep the username and password fields blank and save the settings.
* Now tap on activate profile.
* Your phone is now ready to connect to the internet.

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