How To: Save web images from Safari on your Apple iPhone

Save web images from Safari on your Apple iPhone

So, you're browsing the web on your iPhone using Safari, and you come across a picture you really want to keep forever and ever… what do you do? You can save it directly to your phone! But how do you download that web image? Best Buy has answers. The Best Buy Mobile team explains how simple it is to save web images from Safari on your Apple iPhone.

Mike: "Hey, this is Mike from Best Buy Mobile in Bangor, Maine. Today we're gonna talk about how to take an image off Safari and do what you want with it on the iPhone. First thing were gonna do is select Safari. That's the web browser that comes on your iPhone. As you can see, there is a bunch of images here, I'm just gonna pick one. All you do is push and hold that image until you see the menu pop up. The next thing we do is we say that we want to save the image and now it's placed into the camera roll. Hit our home key here and select photo. There's our camera roll, there's the image that we saved. You can look at it in a landscape view, you can resize it, you can double tap it to go back to its original size. And then let's just say you took that image and you want to assign it to somebody's contacts. All you need to do is select this menu here on the bottom right and you see another list of menu options here. The next thing we do is we just say we want to add to a contact. It will bring up your contact list, select Steve and confirm it. And if we want to call Steve we just select contacts, and there it is. Ok, so let's say we want to take the same picture and make it your wallpaper. All we want to do is go back into photos, hit the camera roll, select the picture that you want, choose this menu on the right and then again you have the options…"

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