How To: Root Your Android Phone with Z4Root

Root Your Android Phone with Z4Root

Rooting your Android phone offers more features (like overclocking). I am not responsible for anything you do. M'kay? I don't know if this will work for all phones, but hopefully it works for you.

Step 1: Look Online for "Z4root APK Download"

Z4root cannot be found in the Play Store, so you have to find it online. I don't think I can offer you the apk here, without facing legal troubles, but I recommend you doing this straight from your phone. I'll give you a hint though—FileCrop, the file search engine turns out to be very useful!

After you find the apk, download it.

Step 2: Turn On "Unknown Sources"

In order to install apks, you have to enable unknown sources. In order to do this, you have to go to Settings -> Applications. When there, you have to check the box next to Unknown Sources.

Step 3: Go to the Downloads Folder and Find the APK

Press it, then install.

Step 4: Find Z4root in the Applications Drawer

Open the app and press root. Let your phone do the rest of the work!

Step 5: Congrats, You've Rooted Your Phone

If you have problems with the root, go back into Z4root and press re-root. Otherwise, if you want to remove the root altogether, go back into Z4root and press un-root.

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