How To: Root an Android smartphone with the universal "SuperOneClick" method

Root an Android smartphone with the universal "SuperOneClick" method

This is, by far, the easiest way to root your Android phone, and it's even got its own name— the "SuperOneClick" method. This is a universal technique that applies to most Android-based smartphones (minus the HTC Evo and T-Mobile G2/Vision). TheUnlockr shows you the secret behind rooting your Droid, so watch and learn. Anyone with an Android-enabled phone can do this.

1. This procedure gives you root access on your phone, in order to load a custom ROM, please do this procedure then continue to the next procedure for your specific device at the end of this procedure.

2. This currently only works on Windows computers. If you do not have a Windows computer, please find a friend with a Windows computer.

3. You must have Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 or higher.

Root the Phone:

1. Download and install the latest version of the rooting program, unzip it, and install it on your computer: One Click Rooting Program

2. On your phone, go to Settings > Applications > Development > Make sure USB Debugging is checked ON.

3. Plug your phone in via USB cable to the computer.

4. Right click the program and click Run As Administrator (or just double click it if using Windows XP).

5. Click the Root button and wait for it to finish.

6. Once done, you should see superuser permissions in your phone's apps. If so, you are all set!

To see how to enable WiFi tethering and flash a custom ROM, along with technical support, visit the article on TheUnlockr.

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Do you use anything cool to Backup your data from your phone before Rooting? Any concerns about loosing data (i.e. app data) when rooting?

I don't think there's an easy way to back up data. I've heard MyBackup Pro could work, but it's probably just the apps and settings, not the data. Maybe, though.

I have a 935v snappdragon s7 edge,, no Windows computer,, need root , only cromebook far as a computer.

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