How To: Restore Your Samsung Galaxy S III to Factory Settings (If It's Bricked or You're Locked Out)

Restore Your Samsung Galaxy S III to Factory Settings (If It's Bricked or You're Locked Out)

Erasing everything off of your phone and starting anew is a pretty drastic step to take for a little glitch. For most people, system restoring is a last resort option, but there are a few reasons to want or need to restore your device to factory settings.

Many people have tried to unsuccessfully root their Samsung Galaxy S3, and in turn have bricked their phones. System restore is one of the only options to recover a bricked phone.

If you are simply having hardware issues that you cannot seem to fix on your own, restoring the system is an easy way to solve those problems, too.

Also, if you forgot your password and are locked out of your phone, then you can restore your phone to get access again, though there are ways around it. If you really need to restore your Samsung Galaxy S III (or most other Android smartphones), this is how you do it:

To begin the process, you will remove and then reinsert the battery. After that, press and hold Volume UP, Home, and the Power Button. Hold these three buttons until the phone vibrates and then release the Power Button whilst holding the other two. Hold these two until you see the Android robot. Once you have reached this stage you can choose the Factory Reset option. It's as simple as that.

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I want to reset my samsung galaxy to factory settings but my screen is shattered

hi I have a galaxy s3, on Saturday the phone ask me for a update to the kitkat version and when I download the version and install it my phone died. When I try to power up the phone it just let me see in the screen Samsung, and galaxy s3 and it dies again. What can I do?

Thank you so much for sharing this, you've saved me quite a bit of money that I couldn't afford. :-) bless ye

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