How To: Replace Your Apple iPhone 5's Cracked Screen

Replace Your Apple iPhone 5's Cracked Screen

Apple's new iPhone 5 has enjoyed three weeks out in the public since its September 21st release. Millions of consumers have been shelling out big bucks and waiting in long lines just to get their hands on it. But sometimes users forget to actually keep their hands on their new phone, causing something like this...

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It only takes a second to drop your new iPhone 5, but the pain of picking up the phone and turning it over to reveal a cracked display lasts a lifetime. Well, not exactly a lifetime, but it sucks.

If you don't have insurance, you're going to have to shell out even more money to get the screen fixed or even get the phone replaced (if the damage is really bad). Luckily, David Patton provides you with a detailed how-to on changing the cracked iPhone 5 screen on your own (in two different ways). It's easier to replace the screen because the new iPhone opens up from the front, as opposed from the back, like previous models.

To actually replace the screen, make sure you have the right tools for this surgery, like a pentalobe screwdriver, metal opening tool, and plastic spudger. If you don't have the tools to take apart the phone, you can get them from a variety of online shops, or stores like RadioShack.

The other thing you'll obviously need is a new screen. There are only a few companies selling the glass screens right now. You can find those online here or here. Surely, more option are to come soon.

Have you tried replacing your iPhone 5's screen yet?

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Good to know, but I hope I don't need it. Those screens aren't cheap!

i plan to fix my iPhone 5 Screen according to this tips

Just got an iPhone 5s screen replacement and replaced it by myself. Now the phone works fine.

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