How To: Replace an LCD screen in an HP iPAQ H2210 or H2215 PDA

Replace an LCD screen in an HP iPAQ H2210 or H2215 PDA

Need a quick repair job for your HP iPAQ Pocket PC H2210 or H2215? Well, this video tutorial will show you how to replace the LCD screen after it's been damaged. You'll see exactly how to take the old one out, then simply reverse the instructions to put the new LCD screen into the HP iPAQ Pocket PC H2210 or H2215 PDA.

1. Take out the Stylus battery, battery cover, compact flash card filler.
2. Press and push the side strip.
3. Press and then open easily.
4. Open LCD connector.
5. Take out the LCD cable carefully.
6. Find the part that detects the battery cover. This is the reason why your PDA shuts off when you take of your battery cover.
7. Take out the screws.
8. Take out the motherboard.
9. Take out the two screws on the LCD metal frame.
10. Press below the parts before you take out the LCD.
11. Pull the LCD out the correct way.

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