How To: Replace the glass digitizer touch screen on an iPhone

Replace the glass digitizer touch screen on an iPhone

This is a tutorial on how to replace the screen on your ipod touch. This video is specific to the third generation ipod touch. You can tell if your ipod is a third generation because it only has two lines of writing on the back bottom. To begin use a safe open pry tool to open the ipod touch. Run the tool between the metal chrome frame and the glass digitizer. There are many clips on all sides and they all need to be released. Begin prying at the bottom and then work your way to the sides. When the clips are released, you can lift up the digitizer. You need to be careful because the digitizer will still be held in place by a ribbon cable in the top left corner. To safely release the digitizer, use the same pry tool to pop the connector up. The digitizer is attached to a mid section and has the home button. You can either purchase a new mid section or use the original mid section for this step. To begin you need to separate the digitizer from the original mid section. Put the pry tool between the digitizer and the mid section and gently pry them apart. You can use a hot hair dryer or a heat gun to heat the glue to make separating them an easier task. Once separated you will have the digitizer, the mid section, and the home button. Make sure to remove the excess glue on the mid section. Next, place the home button back into place and you are now ready to attach the new digitizer.

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