How To: Repair the LCD screen on the HTC Tilt

Repair the LCD screen on the HTC Tilt

In this Electronics video tutorial you will learn how to repair the LCD screen on the HTC Tilt. Remove the stylus pen, back cover and the battery. With a T6 torque screwdriver, remove the three screws. Using a safe pry tool, pry off the top part of the cover. Take out the small piece of rubber as shown in the video and remove the screw below it with a Phillips screwdriver. Then remove one screw on top left corner with the T6. Using the safe pry tool, release the clips and lift off the next layer. Now remove one more screw on the left side and slide the motherboard up, pry apart and release the pop connector. You can now pull out the cable and remove the motherboard. Next step is to remove the keyboard and two more layers. Do this by removing the screws as shown in the video. Then go ahead and remove the LCD screen as shown in the video.

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