How To: Repair an HP iPAQ H4150 or H4155 PDA

Repair an HP iPAQ H4150 or H4155 PDA

Need a quick repair job for your HP iPAQ Pocket PC H4150 or H4155? Well, this video tutorial will show you how to disassemble the phone after it's been damaged. You'll see exactly how to take it apart, then simply reverse the instructions to put the HP iPAQ H4150 or H4155 back together.

1. Take out the Stylus battery, battery cover, and stylus.
2. Take the five screws out on the back cover.
3. Open the housing.
4. Separate the front and back cover.
5. Take out the one screw on the motherboard.
6. Open the LCD connector.
7. Pull down the keypad printed circuit board connector.
8. Take out the keypad PCB connector.
9. Take out the speaker connector.
10. Open the middle frame and front cover.
11. Be careful with the connector when taking out the middle frame.
12. Be careful of the backup battery connector.
13. Separate the front, middle and back cover and mainboard.
14. Find the speaker in the middle of the frame.
15. Take out the three screws on the keypad PCB.
16. Repair keypad.
17. Repair backup battery and speaker.
18. Press the part beside the LCD and pull out the screen.

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