How To: Remove the Tantrums Mod CWM on LG Optimus P970 Smartphones

Remove the Tantrums Mod CWM on LG Optimus P970 Smartphones

The following tutorial applies for all the LG Optimus Black (P970) Smartphones.

So many of us might have installed custom ROMs like Zeus or Marvel. They come with the TantrumMod CWM recovery tool that installs by default in our phones.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand It's Gone

If you've already installed Zeus or Marvel, your old CWM Recovery is lost. Don't waste any time around trying to recover it. Believe me, it's gone.

Step 1: How to Remove It.

It's really simple. First download this Recovery Pack Flasher for the P970.

Step 2: Boot on Recovery Mode

Without wiping the cache or doing a factory reset.

Step 3: Select Install Zip from Sdcard...

Step 4: Select P970__RecoveryPack__Flasher__v7

In this case version 7.

Step 3: Now the AROMA Installer Will Start

Image via

Next Screen

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3rd Screen

**Now You Can Decide Wether You Want to Install the Classical CWM Recovery by Selecting __CWM Recoveries__ or __TWRP Recovery__.**

Please Note:

CWM Recovery version (both touch and non-touch) and TWRP have a sdcard USB-mounting bug and you may have problem in restoring backup.

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Now it's just a thing of pressing Next >.

Image via
Image via

Step 4: Old CWM Recovery Restored

Now you reboot and can directly flash another ROM or boot with Marvel or Zeus without having that Tantrums $#!t.

This Was Everything

Hope this was useful for you guys.

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