How To: Remove Ads in Flappy Bird on Both Android & iOS Devices

Remove Ads in Flappy Bird on Both Android & iOS Devices

Flappy Bird is the extremely difficult, overly frustrating, strangely similar, yet highly addictive smartphone game from .GEARS STUDIOS that has catapulted its way to the top of the charts on both Google Play and the iOS App Store—seemingly out of nowhere.

Combining 8-bit graphics (reminiscent of a certain Italian plumber) with awkward heavy physics, the objective is simple—fly your bird through the pipes. While I can't give you any surefire pointers on how to succeed (light taps, quick fingers), I can tell you that you'll probably spend an absurd amount of time trying to beat your highest score.

The Problem with Flappy Birds

As someone who's personally spent too much time getting acquainted with the game (high score 22), I've found that the advertisements that appear at the top of the game can become quite obtrusive.

While I've learned to zone them out, there are moments when the ads comes out of nowhere and become a distraction—and you know that even the slightest interference can fuck everything up.

Luckily, there's a pretty simple solution to this problem.

Just Activate Airplane Mode to Take Away Ads

Before you fall into the dark abyss of Flappy Bird, turn on Airplane Mode, force-close the game, then open it up again. This works on both Apple or Android devices. Since the in-app advertisements require an internet connection to work, enabling Airplane Mode breaks that connection and makes the ads disappear.

No, I don't need a sugar mommy, stop asking.

Below you can see Flappy Bird with an internet connection (left) and the game with no internet connection (right) on my iPhone. With Android, it works the same way.

If the ads still show up, force-close the game and start it over. This should rid of the ads for sure.

Now there are no more distracting ads to distract you from an already distracting game which is distracting you from your actual life and probably distracting you from finishing the rest of this article. Sigh.

Ready to ditch Angry Birds for some Flappy ones? My high score is 22, can you beat it? Show me your highest score in the comments below, and good luck, because you'll need it.

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