How To: Remember Your Life One Second at a Time with the Upcoming 'One Second Everyday' App for iPhone

Remember Your Life One Second at a Time with the Upcoming 'One Second Everyday' App for iPhone

While one second may not seem like much, it's the perfect amount of time to encapsulate your day. Photographs are just that, instant snapshots of your day that can send you flying back to that exact moment of time. A couple of months back I visited New York, but I don't recall what I ate, what I wore, or even what I felt. Whenever I look at this picture though, it all comes flooding back to me.

I remember that it was a Friday. I remember I ate a brownie, because after I got off the bus I was given one by my hotel's front desk. I remember sitting in the lobby reading for a while and then going out to shop for some oxford shoes and a Indian print tee shirt (I wore both later that night). I remember listening to Kid Cudi in the bathroom while I brushed my teeth. I remember running in the rain to get to a bar.

From that single snapshot, I can remember all of these tiny details that I would have otherwise forgotten about if not for this picture. Now, imagine what you could remember with a one-second video!

Cesar Kuriyama, an advertiser, teacher and TED speaker, is in the process of finishing an iPhone app called 1 Second Everyday, which, like the title suggests, takes one-second videos everyday, for as long as you want.

With a beautifully designed interface, you can go through a calendar and press on the date. It will show you all of the video options you have that were taken that day, which you can then shorten to 1 second.

You can also set reminders at any time of the day so that you won't forget to at least take one short video of your day. As the clips compile, you can easily turn them into a short movie. The video will then play all of the clips you've saved up, in chronological order.

Cesar himself has worked on this project for the last two years, taking a video everyday of himself. The video below is a 6 minute video of the year that he turned 30.

His plan is to record himself until he turns 40, which will result in a 1-hour video that encapsulates his 30's. If you happened to do this project for 50 years straight, you would have a 5-hour video of your day-to-day activities.

The project is currently on KickStarter until Dec 27th, 2012. You can purchase the app for a dollar on there, which will then be released to you at the end of the month. According to Cesar, a good portion of your money will be going to Amazon, Kickstarter, taxes, and the Apple, not to mention you'll have an app soon!

Cesar says, "This particular project has had such a profoundly positive impact on my life that I think everyone could benefit immensely from doing it too."

Personally, this app seems like it can have the same effect on people that the picture above of East Village has on me. It can help you remember all of the great and sad moments of your life, which could help you not only appreciate the smaller things in life, but put your world into perspective.

Oh, and for those of you with Android devices, that's next on Cesar's list of projects!

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