How To: Recycle an old cell phone at Best Buy

Recycle an old cell phone at Best Buy

Not sure what to do with your old cell phone? Best Buy has answers. There's a recycling program directly inside the store that allows you to drop off any old phone you may have so it can be reused or sent to a proper landfill. The Best Buy Mobile team explains how simple it is to recycle an old cell phone at Best Buy.

Rusty: "Hi, I'm Rusty, the Sales Lead at Best Buy Mobile in Chelsea, New York and I'm gonna tell you what you can do with your old phone once you get your Android device. Every Best Buy store in the United States has a recycling center on site. Once you have your old cell phone and removed all your contacts, pictures, videos or other media you'd like to take to your new phone, which we do for free at Best Buy, simply drop your cell phone in this receptacle and it will be sent on to a recycling landfill or the parts will be reused in newer greater devices."

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