How To: Put ringtones on an iPhone without jailbreaking

Put ringtones on an iPhone without jailbreaking

First, go to . Next, go to gallery. Then, go to apple iPhone ringtones. After that, you can browse through the available ringtones and select one that you want. Once you find the one you want, click on it and then click on download. Once you finish downloading it, open your iTunes library. It may show up in there. If not, you need to click and drag the downloaded file into your iTunes-library. Once the file is in your library, go to your iPhone section of iTunes and go to the ringtones part of the menu. Once there, check the boxes for both sync ringtones and all ringtones. Then sync your phone. To select your ringtone, go to setting>sounds>ringtones. Then pick the ringtone you want.

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