How To: Print from your Android phone

Print from your Android phone

Want to print from your Android smartphone? One of the salient advantages of a Google Android smartphone over, say, an Apple iPhone, is the inherent extendibility of the open-source Android mobile OS. There are a seemingly infinite number of settings to tweak and advanced features to discover and use. This free video tutorial will show you how to print from an Android device.

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this is the WORST APP EVER. And 4.95$ is NOT the price. It is $12.95 So get it right. I am so MAD with Motorola for taking Moto Print app function away. I am ready to buy a different device and non android device at that because the Jelly Bean Update is one of there worst moves EVER. I hate/despise eveanything about this Update. The dumb auto correct erasing other words in your sentences and deleting spaces and when you write a number in your sentence it throws your page all over and when you delete or backspace it will throw two to three other words in your sentences. The Printer Share app is VERY LIMITED I like unlimited use I used the Moto Print function every day. But yea the Printer Share App is NOT WORTH 13$ FOR A DUMB KEY TO ACCESS UNLIMITED PRINTING. SAVING MY MONEY TO BUY A NEW DEVICE WITH PRINTING OPTIONS AND IN THE MEAN TIME USING MY PC TO PRINT.

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