How To: Order Food Directly from Google Search on Android & iOS

Order Food Directly from Google Search on Android & iOS

Google constantly adds useful little features to stay on top of the search engine heap. Recently, we've seen them add "Find my phone" functionality, as well as the ability to set alarms and send directions to your Android phone or tablet.

A new feature rolling out today to Google Search users on Android and iOS will make it easier than ever to order food from your favorite local restaurants. Just make sure your Google app is up to date, then you'll be all set to try it out.

The premise is simple—just search for a nearby restaurant like you normally would. From here, you'll get the standard overview card for the restaurant, but scroll down a bit, and you'll find the new feature. Tap "Place an order" to begin.

From here, you'll be redirected to a local food delivery service in your area. Supported services include Eat24, Seamless, GrubHub,, BeyondMenu, and MyPizza. At this point, your favorite menu item will be just a few quick taps away, and if you have an app for any of these services, you'll be redirected appropriately.

What delivery services are supported in your area? Let us know in the comment section below, or drop us a line on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

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