How To: Open and replace a Zune 80GB hard drive

Open and replace a Zune 80GB hard drive

In this how-to video, you will learn how to dismantle an 80GB Microsoft Zune and remove the hard drive. You will first remove the cap at the end. Remove the screws at the bottom. Next, unclip the sides, top, and bottom of the Zune. You can use a prying tool to help you with this. Do this slowly, as you might damage the Zune. Once you can remove the back cover, you will have access to the internal parts of the mp3 player. Remove the tape holding the components together. Next, remove the screws holding the head phone jack in place. Now you can remove the hard drive by removing tape on the top. Disconnect the latch at the bottom of the drive. Now you will be able to remove the hard drive.

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