How To: New YouTube Capture App Lets You Record, Edit, and Upload Videos Easily with Your iPhone

New YouTube Capture App Lets You Record, Edit, and Upload Videos Easily with Your iPhone

After everyone updated their shiny Apple devices to iOS 6 a few months ago, they were shocked to find that their beloved YouTube app was missing. As it turned out, Apple decided to kick YouTube off their list of pre-installed stock apps.

The new YouTube app (found in the iTunes App Store) is definitely better than the native one from iOS 5, but it's lacking a direct upload to YouTube option. Sure, you could upload videos from your iPhone's Camera Roll, but the options are limited as to what you could do with the video, but you're limited to just adding a title, description, and tags, and choosing whether to upload it in HD or standard definition.

While the integration with the iPhone is useful, it lacks many useful functions that are only available from a computer. At least, until now...

YouTube Capture

Google just announced the release of an all new app for the iPhone called YouTube Capture, which allows users to not only upload their videos to YouTube, but to share them across several media platforms like Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.

Not only this, but users can trim the length of the video and add special video enhancements like video stabilization and color correction. Another feature in Capture is the ability to add background music to the video and either make it completely override the original video sound, or just play lightly in the background.

The application forces users to capture video in landscape mode (if capturing straight from the app), but you can change that in the settings, though, why in the hell would you want to do that?

You can download YouTube Capture in the iTunes App Store right now. As for all of you Android users, you should expect to see YouTube Capture in the Google Play Store very soon.

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You missed one of the most powerful features during upload. You also have the ability to upload PUBLIC, PRIVATE or UNLISTED videos. This means that you can upload PRIVATE videos and email url to private friends for video messaging. In addition it gives you time to tag and comment the video prior to releasing to public. This youtube app is a huge for content creators. I made a Xmas Tips and Tricks Furby video and within 24hrs it got around 500 views. You can't beat this app currently!

How do I send a YouTube capture video to only one person?

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