Netflix 101: Parental Controls for Individual TV Show & Movie Titles Are Coming

Parental Controls for Individual TV Show & Movie Titles Are Coming

Netflix currently lets parents block content based on maturity rating, but it isn't a perfect system. Not all titles rated PG-13 are equal, for instance. That's why it's good news that Netflix is adding more controls for parents, by allowing account holders to bar individual movies and TV shows they deem inappropriate.

While we don't have a definitive time of release, Netflix reportedly plans to roll this feature out "in the coming months." When it's finally implemented, policing content shouldn't be too complicated for parents and users to navigate, as it's dependant on the PIN system that Netflix's parental controls already use.

To block individual titles on your Netflix account when the feature does drop, either tap "More" at the bottom of the display (on iPhone) or swipe in from the left edge of the screen to open the side menu (on Android), then tap "Account" to launch your account settings in your phone's default web browser. Scroll down the page, then tap "Parental controls."

Enter your Netflix account password under Parental Controls, then tap "Continue." Enter your PIN on the following screen. If you don't already have a PIN set up, Netflix will ask you to create one here. This code is the four-digit number that will power not only this security feature but all Netflix parental controls.

Once you have entered or created your PIN, scroll down the page to Restrict Specific Titles. Enter the title of a movie or TV show that you wish to block in the box below. Each entry will appear under the box in red, which can be unblocked at any time by tapping the corresponding (X). When satisfied with your choices, tap "Save" or tap "Cancel" to delete your changes.

Based on the information we have now, it seems users can still search for and view titles that are restricted, however, playback will require the account holder's PIN. It gets the job done, but some parents might prefer to completely block certain movies and TV shows from their child's account. If you're holding out for that functionality from Netflix, you'll just have to keep on waiting.

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Cover photo and screenshots by Justin Meyers/Gadget Hacks

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