How To: Modify the theme on your LG KP500 mobile phone

Modify the theme on your LG KP500 mobile phone

The LG KP500 is an impressive mobile phone--but what good are all its bells and whistles if you can't inject a little of your own personality? For anyone looking to modify the theme on this cellular device, check out this straightforward video tutorial. After you've got the process down, go ahead and customize your rig like crazy.

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No offense, but if someone is looking to mod the KP500, they apparently aren't savy when it comes to this type of process... that being said, this tutorial goes so fast that not even an advanced computer user like myself can get this down. Maybe I am missing the associated voice that should accompany this tutorial? Possibly you also offer a text format version to read and execute in gradual steps? Yes, I'm sure we were all impressed with your quick clickability.

please help me to improve my lg kp500 mobile phone. . . .

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